Where Breath Is The Element


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Where Breath Is The Element

    Yoga for Law guides the legal professional in a series of movements for complete relaxation and restoration. Legal professionals will learn techniques to gain self awareness and to achieve momentary bliss by letting go of the common stresses of legalities.


    Our yoga teachers have been trained in the legal profession and come with first hand experience of the common stresses associated with working in such an environment. Yoga for Law provides an empathetic approach to those who live the lifestyle of stressful memorization, application of rules and practicing complicated legal matters.


    Yoga for Law creates an atmosphere to let yourself and your team release the have to’s and provides space to relax. Personal success can be achieved in yoga and law when the yoga practice balances with the law practice.


Providing you space to relax. Please stay exactly as you are, there is no need to change. Come dressed for court, come dressed for a client meeting . . .  We take you as you are!



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We offer a full fifty minute class of Restorative Yoga customized to your firms desires. A 20 minute introductory session is free!

We are trained in Hatha yoga, Restorative yoga, Guided meditation and Sound therapy. Our prices begin at $85/hr – up to 6 people.

We do offer volume discounts. Contact us to connect and schedule your first session. We look forward to hearing from you.



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