Universal Sound and Blissed Yoga can be enjoyed whilst you relax, meditate and rejuvinate to the primordial Sacred Sounds of Planet Gongs,  Crystal Bowls, Guided Meditation and other Sound Vibrations.


     Universal Sound and Blissed Yoga was manifested during a single performance. The need and desire for more people to bear witness and experience the benefits of receiving vibrational ancient sounds was prevalent. The mission of bringing on a variety of special guests to perform vibrational sounds to all communities resonates in the sessions performed throughout the country.

     Universal Sound and Blissed Yoga is a form of restorative yoga.  Restorative yoga is great for beginner yoga students. The atmosphere is a place for all people to find a means to de-stress, meditate and rest.  With the sound of Chakra Quartz Bowls, Planetary Gongs, Musical Instruments and Vocals one is likely to receive a deep and lasting massage. When tuning the physical body and soul to the greatest possible resonance the body is in a state of process ready to clean, restore and create healthy cell memories. All feelings are welcome. Some people fall asleep, some people cry and others laugh. Keeping yourself open to all feelings is the best way to receive the benefits of restorative yoga.


Description of benefits:

·Promotes internal calm, peace and well being. ·Strengthens the nervous and immune systems. ·Known to help eliminate dis-eased cells in the body. ·Increases radiance, energy and vitality. ·Balances and rejuvenates the participant both mentally and physically.