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yoga physical benefits

Why should someone like me choose to practice yoga, I’m not flexible and yoga hurts?


YOGA PHYSICAL BENEFITS are accomplished from more than just movements. Yoga goes beyond by encompassing all positive and negative qualities and balancing ones being into a harmonious state. The proof is there and we have first hand experience that the power of yoking works.


Our founder suffered from horrible headaches that left her nauseous and in pain. There was also a part of her emotionally empty from lack of self care. When she turned to yoga she was introduced to a lifestyle that taught her how to balance. The balance came from the postures but the balance also came from within, emotionally. Yoga taught her how to turn off the monkey mind and be present with her breath. Thus joining her physical, emotional and spiritual path into one.


Physical Benefits of Yoga


Quite simply yoga can regulate the heart, increase the blood flow, balance the hormones within the body, extend the amount of oxygen intake, calm the nervous system and can cure almost any ailment.


As for the external physical benefits of yoga. . .  Yoga will provide you with a body that is fit. By practicing the asanas the muscles are trained to move and stretch in such a way that tones. 


The truth is the yoga physical benefits go beyond the surface. Yoga is about connecting and unifying all aspects of yourself in a holistic approach. A yogi looks and practices beyond the physical benefits. The yogi looks to the food they consume, to the medicine taken, to the environment lived in, to the people they associate themselves with, to the inward feelings of sharing, to the daily reminders of peace and to joining this peace into one. When all of this is combined one does see physical benefits. One will walk taller maybe because you’ve been practicing forward folds or maybe because you feel proud to be you. One will feel thinner in your clothes maybe because you lost weight from morning asana sequences or maybe because the need to eat to fill the void ceased once you realized you were worthy of love. One will feel happier maybe because of the pranayama performed where you let more oxygen into your body or maybe because you just realized how much peaceful life is when you bring everything together. 


The truth is, there are yoga physical benefits to practicing yoga. But the real truth is these yoga physical benefits do not compare to what you will feel within. That love for yourself is greater than any physical benefit on this planet. Once you truly feel that love no-one absolutely nothing can steer you away from being comfortable with your new best friend (you).