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Hi! My name is Morissa.


This is my experience in finding, creating and providing a road map that led me on The Pursuit of Yoga. This brief bio is kept as positive as possible, mind you I’ve been on a mighty fine ride . . .

Morissa translated means “Of the Sea”. I was fortunate to be born to two amazing parents. Both of whom taught me the importance of family and unconditional love.

My happiness began in the womb. My mother practiced yoga while she was pregnant with me. She said it brought her peace and she loved the feeling.


In order to love others, we must first love ourselves.



My passions was school and marine biology. School came naturally to me. I always excelled, top of my class, high iq, awarded with deans list and honour roll. My family was not surprised by my choice to obtain an MBA in International Business all while volunteering and working part-time for high end retail corporations.


In 2005, my g-d mother Nancy re-introduced me to yoga by taking me to my first Bikram class. I still remember the experience. I was uplifted, sweaty and opened to a feeling that felt comfortable. I saw people perform their art in love and truth and I was captivated.


Shortly thereafter I started practicing yoga on a daily basis. Sometimes I would attend the yoga studio for hours. I also performed seva at the studio by cleaning and being mindful. Another year later and I was accepted into one of the most amazing yoga studios. Here I connected with people that held no judgements and accepted me entirely. I was able to make sense of what happened to my logical mind. I began my training and became a registered yoga teacher in February 2014. During my training I found true connections with the chakra series and began secondary courses in crystal bowl therapy and guided meditations.


As a business minded woman my intention has been to incorporate all of my experiences together and guide others who are interested in being taught. My daily practice includes uniting both my logical minded and my soul mind into one. I feel this intention is possible because I am living proof.


My intention with The Pursuit of Yoga is to collaborate with other yogis, yoga studios and those in the healing arts that want to unite with others and showcase their information. When an individual comes to The Pursuit of Yoga they are coming here for a variety of reasons. Some may be asking how, some why, some who and some what. For the who’s and the how’s I’ve created this directory. For the why’s and the what’s pages of literary work is constantly posted.

This website is not to be limited as it is ever expansive. I have a team I am working with and they are awesome. In time participants will have the opportunity to connect with other mindful people and have the chance to attend yoga sessions with people they have met solely through The Pursuit of Yoga. There will be other methods to find your studio, your teacher and your new best yoga partner on your pursuit. I am grateful that I can help you be on The Pursuit of Yoga. p.s.- donations/funding is greatly appreciated!



With love and light and all things awesome,

Morissa L.


Our Founders and original sponsors have been instrumental in assisting me to achieve the progress of helping others live in a more healthy, stable and happier environment.Morissa Lazar

“Yoga is a way of life. In the search of happiness yoga promotes self love, self growth and harmony. The classical translation of yoga is union. The union of happiness is found in the presence of practice.” ~ Morissa

The cornerstone of what is now known as classical yoga is taught through the words of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras. The concept of yoga is an art form that has been practiced for thousands of years. The earliest recorded form of yoga was an introspective and meditative practice. With advancements in society, people needed more asanas ~ kriyas ~ movement to tame the body and train the mind to be still because we have become more distracted. Different forms of movement were created to stabilize the brain in order to meditate.

Genealogy follows a path tracing back ones heritage and we can do the same with different schools of yoga. Today we are practicing in a system with many limbs. The path of yoga that is most common is one that combines the teachings of classical philosophies.  There are many different forms of practice and there is at least one that will ring true to you.

There are different reasons people practice yoga. Some people practice solely for the physical benefit while others practice for solely the spiritual connection. There are people like our founder who practice for both the physical and spiritual balance. No matter the reason to practice, the decision to practice comes back to one purpose and that is allowing the mind to be at rest and the body to be at peace. More people find this a challenge to obtain. This could be because there are more distractions around us than ever before, or this could be because more people are able to communicate about their difficulty in finding a sense of peace. Whatever the reason this sense of rest can be attained and happiness is guaranteed. Trust me.