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Kundalini Yoga





Kundalini Yoga 

Kundalini Yoga is all about energy. If we can all agree that the world is made of energy, we can begin our discussion of kundalini yoga. Basic science tells us that energy is everywhere. Plants hold energy, the sun is made of energy, the water creates energy. . .

Taking this a step further we as living beings are also made of energy, one more step and there are areas in our body that actually hold different forms of energy. These forms of energy are transferred to other parts of our body, processed, stored and emitted. Simplifying, think of your fifth grade science class when you learned how food is a form of energy. An energy that allows you to function and something necessary for your body to thrive. Kundalini yoga claims this energy is stored and processed in different areas around your body.  Sometimes the energy is processed in your belly also known as your third chakra, where it helps your body function. This energy is sent through to your heart and your brain, giving you the power to speak, bear children or produce (depending on your gender), and finally once all has been used up of this source it is passed through.

The reason I’m talking about a basic science class from grammar school is to remind you about energy. The practice of Kundalini yoga starts in the lower sacral area of your body. Teachers of this practice say that there is energy stored in this area that has been coiled up from generation to generation and the quickest way to release the energy is by practicing certain movements that have evolved through hundreds of years in order to awaken “the serpent”.

If you choose to practice Kundalini Yoga you will likely notice positive changes. There are no promises but more people than not have found that their attitude towards self reliance increased and so did their ability to feel comfortable taking risks. They felt optimistic, friendly and grounded. They also said they felt a sense of harmony between themselves and others and with the right intentions set became more creative and imaginative.