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Jnana Yoga



Each branch of Yoga is but a path leading toward unfoldment, development and growth.  Those who wish to develop by “knowing”, by studying the fundamental principles and the wonderful truths underlying Life follows this path. This path is gnani yoga.                            – A series of lessons in Gnani Yoga

jnana yoga  Jnana also spelled Gnani, means wisdom or knowledge in Sanskrit. If our wisdom is strong, we can convince ourselves in a second what is the right thing to do. Wisdom establishes in us the power of free will, giving us the power to rise above the need to behave in our ordinary habits. Wisdom relieves us from false belief systems and guides us on a path of intuition.

As a practice of Jnana yoga one spends a significant amount of time in meditation. The meditation practice is alert and focused. The meditator is in a constant state of awareness. Listening to the sounds during meditation and dismissing those that do not serve. During meditation one will spend his or her silence listening to the vibrations and following those on the path towards their chosen peace. This collaboration creates a constant method of attaining purity during the practice. The practitioner is always working to combat thoughts, emotions and noises which might disrupt the flow and sequence of their mission. The mission during this form of meditation is to attain that connection with their truth. Truth is simple. The truth for most in this practice is living in a place of love. To live in the place of love one must consistently work for this goal. To be and just remain requires patience. In a flow, where wisdom is created in jnana yoga, intuition has become the guide. Where intuition is the guide, wisdom is created.  Listening to ones intuition will guide one to love and living in love creates an ease for following ones intuition.