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Bhakti Yoga


Bhakti Yoga – Yoga From The Heart

Bhakti Yoga

In Sanskrit bhakti means to share and bhakti yoga is about sharing from the heart. When practicing bhakti yoga one is in a constant state of giving and receiving love.  The heart is constantly open to give love and receive love.
Humans have a tendency to trap this flow of giving and receiving when we allow our mind to take over. We can question the intentions of the love, we can have difficulty trusting the love and we might even tell ourselves we are undeserving of the love. The mind has the tendency to shut the love from accepting the return. By tuning out the thoughts of being undeserving of having love and listening to your inner guidance that we are worthy of love, we can and we will feel love from all around.

Your vision becomes clear when you look inside your heart. Who looks outside dreams; who looks inside, awakes. ~ Carl Jung


The bhakti yogi practices from the heart in every activity, every action and every moment. The way to teach how to love is to be love. As loving is an innate act of all beings we remain open and allow. In the practice of bhakti, the heart is always open and willing to receive and give . . . sharing a constant reciprocation of heart felt and pure feelings.


There are no limits to bhakti yoga . . . these feelings are boundless. Your heart is a muscle that must be exercised to develop to its highest state. Coming from love, being love and sharing love will cure any concerns of a weakened heart. No matter what level of love you are, we all are able to love and we all do. That feeling you have in your belly . . . where the butterflies are fluttering . . .  that is love. When this feeling has developed, your heart strengthens and one will find compassion . . . understanding and forgiveness for all including your self.


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